About UXHel

UXHel (formerly UXify) is Helsinki’s hands-on UX community, which promotes Helsinki‚Äôs design learning events, collaboratively organises meetup sessions to exchange skills and learn from one another, and to act as a platform for discussion around matters of UX Design and Research. Besides these meetups, ambition is to organise bigger yearly events, such as the UXHel Design Weekend and UXCamp, such as is already a reputable event Europe wide (e.g.: in Berlin, Copenhagen, Eindhoven, Amsterdam). The UXHel community relies on the dedication and ever-growing knowledge and inquisitiveness of its members and other volunteers to uphold a thriving and cutting-edge understanding of the field of UX and Problem Solving through Design. So please do join us to contribute to the growing UX talent throughout Helsinki as a whole.

Visit our curated event page at: https://fb.com/uxhel/events